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About My Services: Social Media


One of Marketing the Wild West’s biggest service offerings is social media in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and beyond, particularly Instagram. My social services include curation and management of your Instagram as well as influencer marketing. While my main focus is Instagram, I also manage Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest.


Instagram aesthetic must be consistent and engaging. Curating a cohesive Instagram feed with engaging content is no simple task. The goal is to have individual posts look independently stunning, and coincide well with other posts - not posting just to post (read stop posting just to post). The key to a beautiful and cohesive Instagram feed is planning. I understand that many business owners are busy with the daily tasks of running their businesses and can not commit the time needed to plan out their posts. This is where I come in!

After a review of your brand, goals and audience, I will craft your strategy, work with client on photography and curate your feed with posts, captions and researched hashtags.


After curating a cohesive and beautiful feed, I will post to your account at the most optimal time for engagement. I will handle all communication with your audience which includes following new accounts, liking photos, commenting and responding to DM’s. I manage every aspect of your Instagram account and grow your brand awareness so you don’t have to.

As for Facebook, I will post your content, relevant content to your brand, and reshare Instagram posts to your Facebook feed. I will handle all communication with your audience on Facebook.


Influencer marketing is a terrific way to target your ideal customer and audience. With consumers spending more time than ever on Instagram, there is no better way to market your product or generate brand awareness. After an analysis of your brand, I will research and create list of best influencers for your brand. I then work with influencer to create the most successful partnership to promote your brand and business.


As your business embraces social marketing, your social media strategy will likely grow to include social media advertising. Social media advertising provides a scalable way to promote content, and you don’t have to have a huge budget to do it. I will manage your social advertising on Instagram and Facebook.

Let’s work together to bring a social strategy and brand awareness to your business.

Jessica Sheehy