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Instagram Trends to Look for in 2019


Nobody has a crystal ball, but I am highlighting a few trends I think we will see for Instagram in 2019 that will help you know what to focus on and where the industry might be headed.


IGTV made big waves when it was first announced in mid-2018 but engagement has been fairly sluggish since. This could all change in 2019. Remember when Instagram Stories was kind of lame compared to Snapchat stories? It’s too early to count IGTV out!

It is predicted Instagram will invest money in getting brands to make use of the feature as well as improve the functionality and visibility of IGTV .


I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of stories in 2019 and because I am passionate about stories for increasing engagement, I am breaking them down here. suggests it’s time to turn to Instagram Stories stickers to increase Instagram engagement, instead of focusing solely on how to get more likes on your feed posts. Instagram Stories stickers provide a free, easy, and fun way to engage with your followers and get them invested in your brand, content, and products. In 2019, expect Instagram to come out with more widget stickers like the Countdown, Questions, or Polls stickers to help brands engage with their followers through stories instead of feed posts.


Nearly half of all Instagram users engage with the stories on a daily basis. They could be your ticket to boosting brand awareness, gaining more followers, and improving your sales! But, warns that your content should fit in as naturally as possible with non-business Instagram Stories. Remember, when people are watching Instagram Stories they are used to seeing casual content from their friends vs highly-produced videos.


It has gotten so easy to shop on Instagram and one of the most influential 2019 Instagram trends. Link in bio, swipe up, sponsored or direct links in photos, it’s all about easier mobile purchasing.

And it makes sense. On average, Instagram users spent 53 minutes per day on the app. In this time consumers are tempted to buy a lot.


As more and more people use Instagram to search for businesses and products, it’s becoming incredibly important to optimize your profile for sales, followers, and awareness. And one of the best ways to do this is by building a beautiful and cohesive Instagram aesthetic! And this isn’t expected to change in 2019.

The beautiful photo is important but what will make you stand out among the noise is your ability to be relatable and genuine with your audience. To be honest and trustworthy, and show up on Instagram Stories with the goal of fostering connections.


Branded hashtags will continue to rise in popularity. In order to encourage user-generated-content and help campaign’s engagement, branded hashtags are pretty much necessary! Don’t you want your followers and fans to post about how much they love your brand?

2018 was a huge year for Instagram. With so many new features and tools, I am excited to see whats in store for this year. New year means new opportunities.

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Jessica Sheehy